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About All In Contracting
Backyard studios, renovations, and all the other projects I work on aren’t just about design and build. Design and build are crucially important, of course, but I believe there’s much more to any construction project.

Your project is, ultimately, about your life. What are your dreams and plans and goals? How will a studio or a reno help you move in the right direction? How will your new space help you get unstuck and make progress?

Long before anyone on my team lifts a hammer, I will take the time to really understand your needs. Only then can we both we sure we’ll have a fantastic partnership.

The relationships I develop with my clients and with the teams who work with me are important and I don’t take them for granted. My clients are able to track project progress, ask questions, and make comments via an interactive online tool (Trello). Transparency and openness are the basis of any good relationship.

I have almost two decades of experience in construction. I’m a Red Seal Carpenter, and also a CTI-certified life coach. It might seem that construction and coaching are in separate universes. But they’re more closely linked than you might first imagine and my coaching training is valuable in my construction career.

You’re considering a construction project because it will improve your life in some way. It’s essential for me to understand your goals and the ways your current space is holding you back. This contrasts with a more traditional company that thinks only about design and build. The end result is a finished project that’s more satisfying and fulfilling for you.

When I’m not working, I enjoy the wonderful Okanagan outdoors as much as I can. I love to travel, camp, and fish with my wife and two kids.


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