Welcome to the Okanagan’s Premier Lighting Showroom
Wide aisles, with lots of space around each fixture, and our highly-knowledgeable support staff ensure that your visit will be comfortable and productive. You won’t find clutter or impulse merchandise jamming up the showroom – it’s just clean and sparkly!

Dog Alert!
If a small, gentle dog is an issue, just let us know and the store’s “pooch-in-residence”, Norton, will be whisked away to his upstairs quarters. Norton loves everyone and enjoys his “job” as the store’s official “greeter”. He’s a Maltese-Schnauzer mix, 10 years old – a rescue – gentle with kids and adults – and loves attention.

Front Counter
Our famous “kitchen table” environment. Everyone just seems to hang out at the front counter – it’s where all the action is, just like at home.

Planning Areas
There are three planning tables in the showroom – one for four people and two for six people. The “back room” planning area also has full multi-media for browsing the ‘net or researching a supplier’s website. You can book these free-of-charge and camp out as long as is necessary. Catalogues support each area – great for designers searching for just the right look.

Oh, yes, we always have a selection of coffees and teas along with other beverages and snacks to help the selection process along. Please, feel at home – you are welcome here!


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